Beinnbhreagh’s Acadian Sun “Cajun” August 5, 2001 – September 7, 2017

We had the privilege of sharing life with Cajun from the time he was 8 weeks old until his passing at age 16 years, 1 month. His joys were simple; a walk in the neighbourhood or on the trails with his “dad”, playing ball on a nearby field, swimming, watching the world from his spot under his favourite tree, and nuzzling into the necks of those he loved most. He was expert at fishing soccer balls out of bushes and had a large collection of his found treasures. Cajun taught us many important lessons which are his legacy to us and our remaining and future dogs. We loved him dearly and his absence leaves a tremendous hole. The picture here was taken when Cajun was almost 15 and we are grateful for the long life he led. There is a very special joy to sharing life with a very senior dog and even though we know the end will break our hearts, we would not miss a moment of it. He was a constant presence in our home for all those years and we, along with his ‘siblings’ Kit Katt and Creidim, miss him every day.

We love you little man,
Wendy and John Rudolph