At 10 years old, Casper was surrendered to the Edmonton Humane Society when his owners could no longer care for him. Fortunately, an elderly lady adopted him and gave him a home for a year until her life was lost to cancer. Casper was surrendered to a local vet. As luck would have it, for Casper, the Edmonton Pawd of Elder Dog had recently been established and the vet contacted them. New volunteer, Lynn, was asked if she could foster him.

Lynn fostered Casper for 2 months and decided he wasn’t going anywhere. She was in love…. “Casper was the gentlest dog. Good with everyone, kids and cats and other dogs” she says. So Lynn applied to adopt him and, although it took him about 4 months until he started wagging his tail again, Casper felt safe and loved with her and her elderly Mom, enjoying daily walks and cuddling on the couch. He grew to love car rides and puppachinos from Starbucks and doggie ice cream cones from DQ. “We took him everywhere” Lynn says, even to lakes, dog parks, Jasper, and visiting family.

Casper lived with Lynn and her Mom until just after his 13th birthday when he sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge. I am sure Casper would like to join us in thanking you, Lynn, for making his life a happy one.