Dakota came to us from a shelter at the age of 8 months. By the age of 2 years he was a certified Therapy Dog whose first 5 therapy visits were in New York City at the 9/11 Grief Center. He showed us that he was born to be a therapy dog. He taught me more about K-9 personality and love than any of the many dogs I had prior, although all were great companions.

Our next notable assignment was in Louisiana after Katrina where he again worked his magic. Between those events and after Katrina we visited our local hospital, cancer center, many schools and nursing homes. He was able to work with non-verbal Autistic children and actually got one or two to say a word or two.

Dakota was more than a companion, he was a true member of our family who shared not only his love but ours. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 9, 2012 and is waiting for us to join him. As I promised him, we will always be together and so we had him cremated. Some of his ashes hang around my neck and the rest of him sits on my desk waiting to go with me when I also cross the bridge.

Dakota you are always and will always be in my heart and thoughts. You are missed more than I can tell you. It is with love in my heart and tears in my eyes that I write this. Love you