Emma died peacefully in my arms on August 27, 2012. She was such a sweet girl. Reserved and shy around strangers, to those in her trusted inner circle she was a tease, a delightful bundle of joy and a snuggly puppy. She was part Corgi, part Beagle and part garburator. She relished her role as chief kitchen floor cleaner – grateful that I was a messy cook. Don’t believe for a minute that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. With her older brother Sam as her tutor Emma learned to lift her leg and pee on trees, the fire hydrant, the rock wall, the fence post and once a car tire. She learned to roll around in the grass (but never in the snow!), scratch her paws on the ground to ensure those who came behind on the walks knew she’d been there first and to drink water from the lake on a hot day.

Emma taught Sam and me that peanut butter went well with anything including sardines. She taught us patience, to relax, to enjoy doing nothing and not to take life or ourselves too seriously. Emma lived in the moment, grateful for the little things that made her happy – a back scratch, a tasty treat, a stroll in the woods, a nap in the sun and a soft warm bed by the woodstove. Like any good little sister she loved to torment her big brother – stealing his toys, eating his supper, sleeping in his bed and hiding his bones! But when the vacuum cleaner appeared or a strange dog was a little too friendly, it was Sam’s protection she sought and got. Her time with us was all too short. She was much loved and is terribly missed.