First I want to thank ElderDog for changing my life by blessing me with the adoption of Finnigan. Finnigan and I have had the most amazing time since March 8, 2019. We have always been together even when I had errands to run. Finnigan loved his road trips. He always oversaw my hairdresser cutting my hair to ensure that I would not get nipped by the electric razor and he would always let my hairdresser know that he was watching every move she made. He made so many friends and he could always tell who was a dog lover. He had a 12 year old neighbour who he loved so much that every time we were outside and she walked by he would bark at her until she took him for a walk and then gave him treats and some love before he would let her go home. He loved his Nana and brother, Max, and they saw each other almost every day. His walks were one of his favourite things to do because he could always explore and meet new dog friends. After he lost weight Finnigan would trot when we went for walks and, when he realized that he was a boy and could lift that leg to pee, he lifted it up over half way across his back. Everyone would comment. I always told them he was a proud little boy and my super boy. Let me tell you he could talk and talk and talk to me. If he was upset with me because I would not let him have what I was eating he would grumble and then turn his back to let me know he was upset with his Momma.

Finnigan and I were best friends and loved each other unconditionally. He always was trying to please his Momma even though he did not have to. He loved spending time outside with me even in the cold weather. I just put lots of blankets on him and he was a happy camper. He had a love seat that was his and no one else was allowed on it. He saw deer, a horse, ducks and many more animals and would never bark; he would just stare at them. When we were spending time outside around the deck he was happy to be able to see his Momma and be with her. Finnigan was never anymore than 2 feet from me. Finnigan has given me so much love, joy and laughter in our short time. The best thing I have ever done was to get involved with Elder Dog. If I can give a dog a new lease on life and so much love and 100% attention than that is my mission. So thank you everyone involved with Finnigan for allowing me the opportunity to love a pet again.

Finnigan passed away peacefully in my arms September 3 at 7:30pm. He will be coming back home in a few weeks because he was always meant to be here with me. I miss him and feel an emptiness and loss. I feel drained and lost without him. He will always have a place in my heart and many other hearts that he melted since he moved in.

Thank you with all my heart.