Roxy came to us from Ottawa a week after we moved into our new home in PEI. I knew from the first moment that she was a gentle, kind soul. She even got along with our cat, Wilson. I also knew her mouth was bad and soon had all her teeth out. She managed to eat some things herself but most times I spoon fed her. She bonded with us right away and even would climb up onto our lap to give a hug. I would clean around her eyes and could see she enjoyed the touch. She enjoyed our walks and waited patiently for me when I stopped to talk to someone. We only had her for a short time–two years and four months–definitely, too short a time. I still miss her so much and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. We have Ella now, another Elder Dog, and she gets all of our love ️and care, just like Roxy.