Our little Selby came to us in July of 2013, a bit over 14 years of age, very deaf, stiff and arthritic, and with slowly failing eyesight. She soon made her way into our hearts as a very sweet and loving little gal who enjoyed her food, a cuddle, any treat that she could wheedle out of you, and a “walkie.” The latter were fairly slow and leisurely and involved lots of stopping and sniffing, and she enjoyed every moment of them. Our own two terriers liked her and knew that she couldn’t play and roughhouse as terriers love to do. She became fast friends with Gizmo, our neighbour’s Shih-Tzu who we have over frequently at the house. Selby needed carrying down steps as we were afraid of her falling, but she managed in a short time to get up the stairs with a “bunny hop.” She was no slouch in telling you when she was hungry and seemed to celebrate every meal.

A week before Christmas she became a bit listless, didn’t want food, and starting drinking lots of water. We knew the signs of kidney failure and this was confirmed by the vet. The decision to let her go to her rest wasn’t easy, but she wasn’t going to get better and needed to pass on with dignity. We held her to the very end, wished her a lovely and well-deserved after-life, and thanked her for the privilege of knowing her. Still miss the little darling, hoping that she would have been with us for longer. Would we adopt an ElderDog again? Yes! Even though they might not be a part of our life for long, they bring their own special love with them and we are able to make their final time in this world one of comfort and love.