10-Oct-2002 to 20-Oct-2014

Tiger came to live with us when he was 9 months old. He had been shuffled around 5 homes and his heart had been broken almost too many times. He was so discouraged. It seemed he had learned to be embarrassed of himself just for “being”. It took 3 hours that first day, him sitting in a corner facing the wall trying to disappear, with me sitting a foot away and talking to him until he came and laid his tired little head on my arm. Then he climbed onto my lap as I tearfully wrapped my arms around him. We established a bond that day with love that grew endlessly.

Tiger had a loving heart and wanted to please everyone he met. He quickly became a joyful boy who loved to walk and meet other dogs for a quick game of chase. All ages of people were favourites with him. He loved to play ball and he had an intuition that was uncanny. We nicknamed him the little professor as he sat quietly studying everyone he met for the first time.

Nine-week old Bear joined us when Tiger turned 3 and Tiger immediately took over Bear’s training. Another of Tiger’s gifts–Bear became a dearly loved clone of him. We were such a happy family of 4!

Tiger passed away very quickly 1 week after his 12th birthday. He showed us that a sad beginning doesn’t have to shape our personalities and, instead, can change into a beautiful life. Tiger taught us about Dogs and Dignity and Respect but, most of all, that Love is all we need.

RIP darling Tiger. You’ll never be forgotten.
With much love, Doug & Marilyn & Bear.