Butterfly Release

Each year on the third Saturday of August, in the company of friends, we gather at ElderDog’s beautiful memorial gardens to reflect upon our time spent with canine companions, and celebrate the joy, love, friendship and humour with which they continue to enrich our lives.
ElderDog National Headquarters
907 Feltzen South Road, Rose Bay, NS

Pay tribute to a special dog in your life and enjoy an afternoon in the company of dogs and dog-loving people. Release a butterfly in memory, bring a plant for the memorial garden, learn about milkweed and butterfly gardens, enjoy a stroll along the bay, and spend time in our beautiful, sacred space, Place to Paws

Following a short, non-religious service, we will release a kaleidoscope of Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies to commemorate and celebrate dogs, past, present and future.

To purchase butterflies for release and other commemoration tributes visit elderdogcanadastore.ca

For more information about the Butterfly Release and Place to Paws visit www.elderdogcanadabutterflyrelease.weebly.com

All proceeds from the Butterfly Release will go towards Place to Paws. For more information on ElderDog and Place to Paws please visit www.elderdog.ca or call 1-855-336-4226.

Dogs welcome; leash optional.