Place to Paws™ – A Commemoration Space

Friends of ElderDog Supports Place to Paws

Each year, on the third Saturday in August, we hold a memorial service and release of butterflies in memory of beloved companions who live on in our hearts and memories. On August 18, 2018, we added to this moving annual event, with the grand opening of Place to Paws — a beautiful, chapel-like building where people (and dogs) can honour the animal-human relationship and pay tribute to canine companions who have passed on. Place to Paws is located at ElderDogLand, the home of ElderDog Canada, and dedicated to the memory of beloved dogs who live forever in their companions’ memory. A stunning post and beam construction, Place to Paws is set in a beautiful clearing overlooking a sheltered cove and surrounded by tall evergreens, wild apple trees, and the occasional hardwood. It is a place of peace and tranquility that houses a gallery of commemorative photographs and artifacts, a memory wall, a contemplative space for quiet repose, and various spaces for people to pay tribute to a special dog in their life. A Wind Phone is located outside of Place to Paws where people can speak words of grief for a beloved companion to be carried on the wind.

Place to Paws welcomes visitors from May 15-December 15. Visitors are welcome to walk the 5km of trails through field and forest, treat a dog to a dip in the cove, or relax on the shore and appreciate the beauty and tranquility of the property that ElderDog and Friends of ElderDog are entrusted to use.