The Bear.
He even looked like a bear cub!! What a dog he must have been in younger years because, in the two short months we knew him and brought him home, he was just turning 17 and he was feisty although we learned that it was a protective factor because he did not hear or see. Imagine our delight to discover a sweet, determined, independent dog with such spirit. He wandered the yard freely every day and loved his chicken ‘n’ rice. He hated being groomed but he sure loved a warm bath. As much love that we gave him, he so graciously gave back with kisses and a sense of trust. He was not a touchy, feely kind of guy although we often wonder if he once was because he had begun to seek out cuddles and snuggles.

A well deserved rest has just begun. We will keep Precious Bear in our hearts right along with the rest of our pack at Rainbow Bridge.

We fell so in love with you. We feel grateful for the gifts you gave us in so short a time together.

Rest in peace now Little Bear.

Scott & Barb Brown