Blitz was Annie’s family’s dog. I never met him personally, but she showed me many videos of him and other Boxers, and I could feel the dramatic whimpering and howling for attention as though it was in my own home.

Blitz was a funny dog, who loved his family dearly, including his little sister, Lucy, who will
miss him so much. But the most special thing about Blitz was the connection he gave Annie to her Nan. Nan raised these dogs from puppies, and the bond Annie shares with her Nan stayed alive after she did, partially because Blitz was there. The animal-human relationship can hold such deeper meaning than we might realize from observation alone. It reminds us never to assume as there can be so much there to uncover.

I am grateful that Annie will always have me. And Nan’s memory will love on inside of Lucy – she would have picked up on Blitz’s tricks, after all.

With love to all of them and in honour and memory of Blitz and Annie’s incredible Nan; thank-you for sharing their memory.

(Daughter of a delighted Elder Dog owner)