July 22,2007 – November 28, 2023

I started volunteer dog walking with ElderDog Canada in May 2020. Through this wonderful organization I was introduced to BOOTY as a foster in mid-July 2020. (She was 13 years young) Booty walked right up to me when I went to meet her and pick her up in her previous mom’s home. We’ve been partners and companions ever since!

In August 2020, Booty’s previous family members advised ElderDog that Booty would be put up for adoption. “Oh my goodness,” I thought, “that can’t happen” and I realized I could not let her go. Booty was my first foster with ElderDog and she became a “Foster Fail” as I adopted her! ☺️

I have continued to volunteer dog walk and Booty has “led the packs” prancing ahead of everyone. She was friendly, calm, lovable and never yappy. Children she met were drawn to her and she loved to be with them too. Mind you she was always checking to see that I was close by. Booty was friendly to all people she met; however, her favourite male in her life was my #1 son, Andrew. (She took to him as she had taken to me! ????) Many fun adventures were enjoyed by the three of us together.

Life does have challenges though and Booty, being a senior dog, went through several medical issues but came through them all (cyst removals, two major dental surgeries, disc troubles, minor infected ear aches and the odd sore paw). This past year, however, was difficult. She lost her hearing and was dragging her rear left paw a bit on our walks. It was diagnosed as senior dementia/Alzheimer’s. She was very confused and forgetful, losing weight, along with incontinence, bowel accidents, stumbling, balance (if she happened to fall down she needed help to right herself) waking and pacing through the nights then sleeping most of the rest of her day. She continued to love her walks with her “pack.” A stroller helped a bit to give her a rest on our walks and she stood up in it when she wanted to walk and sniff again with the boys.

I knew she wasn’t living the Life she wanted. I made one of the most difficult decisions Ive ever had to make. I said goodbye to my sweet Booty cuddled in my arms on November 28th.

I rescued you? No, Booty, you filled my days with unconditional love. You comforted me when I was having a difficult day. I cherish times we were able to spend together. I will miss you and my heart breaks. Love you dear girl!❤️ Prance pain free over the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again…

Your Loving Mom, Emily. ❤️