It didn’t take long for Buddy to become part of our family. We had brought him home as a foster dog but I soon realized that he was meant to stay. Buddy was a little reserved at first but became more comfortable showing us his personality and his affectionate nature as time went on. It wasn’t long before he was stuck by my side on the couch or following me around the house like a little shadow. He loved walks in High Park, car rides with the window down and sunbathing on our back deck. He was spunky and sweet always making us laugh at his little quirks. Our Golden-Doodle, Lilly, also welcomed Buddy with open paws. It was so cute to see them snuggle and get along so well. I know Lilly misses her little sidekick. We feel so lucky for the time we had Little Buddy. He really impacted our lives in such a positive way and we will never ever forget him.

We love you, Buddy Bear xoxo
Lisa, Alex and Lilly