My Little Fido Man
When you moved in with us on January 4, 2022, it was a scary time for you I’m sure. You had lived with your mom #1 for your whole entire life. She took such good care of you; she just couldn’t take care of herself anymore. While she had forgotten those around her, she always remembered you.

After two weeks of living in the office, me sleeping on the floor with you, you decided it was time to come out. Maybe we weren’t so bad after all. You and I became fast friends; you rarely leaving my side.

And just like that, you turned 15!!! Still a pep in your step. Always excited for walks and weekend adventures. And adventure we all had. So many trips to different parks in the city. Blue even shared her favourite with you! Several trips to Canmore and Bragg Creek. A couple to Carseland and even once to see the Hoo Doos in Drumhellar. You had many sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa’s too. They loved you so much and gave you all the best care.

At Hallowe’en you made a great shark. Always the bravest of boys. At Christmas we added a matching stocking to ours just for you. You even got to celebrate my 50th birthday!

And just like that, you turned 16!!! Still always hungry, and then hungry again. Always anticipating where the weekend would take us. Just as content to lay on my lap for hours and nap the evening away. Bedtime was always a strict 8:30pm. Your choice not mine. But I did cherish those quiet times when I could watch you sleep so peacefully.

As I sit here now on our way to you crossing the rainbow bridge, I am trying to memorize every detail of you. I never noticed until now that some of your little nails are half black and half clear. The way the golden hair on the edges of your ears gleams in the sun. All your old man warts and beauty marks.

I know you’re tired my little man. Although my heart is absolutely torn in two, it’s time. Run free, jump for treats, remember all the good times we had.

And just like that, your soul left your body. I held you the entire time. I know you could feel my warm embrace. There are no words to describe the sadness in our hearts. Never did I know 18 months ago, that you would take a piece of my heart. You needed me, and maybe I needed you more.

I love you to the moon and the stars and back again, my littlest Fido man.