Howie shared and brightened our lives for too short a period of time. He was so sweet. He was also cheeky. I truly believe he revelled in standing up, on the side of the bed, and barking his short, sharp entreaties for me to get up, before I wanted to. I couldn’t refuse him. He was both cute and cheeky at those times. I would say a sharp “No” and he would give another sharp bark as if to say “ Ah come on, it’s time”. And then he decided he wanted to try out the enormous dog bed that Mandy owned and he climbed up and made himself comfortable, snuggling into her back. You just had to admire his courage and determination. Then we put up the Christmas tree and he waited for the skirt to be laid under it so he could make himself comfortable and present himself as the only and best present there. And then there was the attribute that I had never before seen in a male dog – his total lack of aggression. It simply wasn’t in him. He was curious, playful and just enjoyed life. We miss him greatly. He left a big hole in our hearts, but we are grateful for the time we had with this wonderful little guy.