The moment I saw your photo on ElderDog’s FaceBook page, I fell in love with you, Precious. I knew I needed you as much as you needed me. The day you came for a home visit to check me out, I knew even more I had to have you. I didn’t want you to leave that evening, I wanted to keep you then, hold you, comfort you, reassure you that you were in a safe and loving home for the rest of your days.

The next few days were agony, worrying I wasn’t going to be the chosen “Mom”. I went ahead anyway, booked your grooming and vet appointment, knowing that, if I had to, I could cancel.

Two days after our home visit, after I’d almost given up hope, the call came. You were to be mine. That was May 22.

You didn’t take long to settle into our home with Riley, my 13 yr old Cockapoo. He was getting pretty bored without any other canines around. He thought you were pretty cute, especially after your grooming and the pink bow in your fur.

Our first vet visit to check your decayed teeth discovered some very disturbing news .Your blood test revealed you were in renal failure. After a special homemade diet, your blood test came back with much better results, enough that you could get those bad teeth out that weren’t helping with your health issues.

We had many good days after that. You entertained me with your vocals, your wiggles on your back, stretching out on my bed, our car rides you loved. And the best times were when you were snuggled in your soft blankie in my arms. You were my baby; after all, you were only 9 lbs.

I truly believe we were placed in each other’s lives for a reason. As short as the time we had till I had to make that dreadful decision to let you go, where there would be no more pain, I will never regret adopting you. Like the saying goes, “It’s better to have love and lost, then to never have loved at all.” You were worth every tear, my dear little Precious.