Rosie came to me at the age of 12 through unfortunate circumstances (her elderly owner passed on). While I had fears about fostering, in a matter of days, she was a big part of our family. She occupied a special place in my heart and made every day special during such a difficult time (pandemic). She would patiently wait for my workday to finish so she could enjoy the evenings sitting in my arms soaking up all the cuddles she could get. Rosie was an indoor dog all her life so her last year was spent on plenty of new adventures. We walked paths and parks as best she could and, when she became tired, we carried her ,anxious to make sure she enjoyed every minute she could. She loved her car rides and eagerly ran to the door at the mere mention of a walk or a trip to anywhere. At night she rested her tiny body next to my head and checked regularly through the night to be sure I was still there. Thank you, ElderDog, for the gift of time with my sweet Rosie. While my heart aches at how much I miss her, I am forever grateful for the time we had together.