On November 17th 2021 we had to say goodbye to our ElderDog, Senge. He had been with us for a year and three months and, during that time, he had stolen our hearts along with those of many of our neighbours and friends. His nickname in the neighbourhood was “Fang”, bestowed in recognition of one of his two remaining front teeth that stuck out of the side of his mouth.

Senge loved his treats, his bed close to the wood stove, and, occasionally, sitting on our laps watching TV. He was careful around the other dogs in the neighbourhood, especially the bigger ones, but always stood his ground and stared at them with those big eyes of his. They just took one look and walked away.

He was quite the little walker despite his heart condition and liked a turn or two around the neighbourhood a couple times a day. As he entered his 15th year he was pretty slow going out on the walk but lost no time when he knew he was on the home stretch!

That little face and those big eyes are burnt into our memories! Our heartfelt thanks to ElderDog for bringing Senge into our lives, to his former human for the love, attention and training she gave him and to Senge for just being Senge.

We all love our animals but, no that’s not right. Many years ago, a very wise elderly woman who “ lent” us her Dachshund, Kurt, made it very clear that these were NOT animals, they were people who had been extremely good in a previous life.

Senge must have been a saint! He will remain in our hearts for as long as we live.

RIP Senge
Heather and Paul