All of us at ElderDog, are sad to see another beautiful soul cross the Rainbow Bridge. Sophie was originally part of our Dog Care Support program. Her companions couldn’t get her out for walks, so a team of wonderful volunteers made sure she got out for her walks and sniffs. She much preferred being with Mom and Dad (Joan and Murray) though so, as soon as she was finished with all of her business, she wanted to turn around and go right back home.

In March 2022, Murray and Joan had to move to a different living situation, and they were unable to take their beloved Sophie with them. Along came Maggie, a wonderful warm and caring person, who adopted little Sophie. She loved her, spoiled her, and took care of all her medical needs. She even made sure Joan and Murray got to see Sophie. That is very special indeed.

This little darling was so lucky to have been loved by so many. Please keep Maggie, Murray and Joan in your thoughts as they mourn the loss of their special friend.

Sophie, you left a footprint in our hearts, and you will never be forgotten. Fly high little one.