On Sept. 13, 2020, I lost an amazing little dog who brought joy to those around him.
At the age of 15, Thibault died as I held him in my arms. Even with the help of medication, his little body could no longer overcome the health issues he’d battled recently. Despite my human faults, Thibault always showed me love and, when things seemed the darkest, he was a glowing light. We had wonderful walks, even during the last few months when I had to carry him, and he enjoyed going on drives. When people visited, he entertained them by showing them his favourite toys – and sometimes doing zoomies around the house. I feel I didn’t have enough time with him, but there would never have been a point where there was enough time. I want to have him snuggle up beside me when I go to sleep at night, and see him run to his bowl in the morning. I want to see that sweet little face looking at me when I walk in the door.

Although I miss him terribly, I am very grateful for the time we had together. I was very lucky to have this wonderful friend in my life for so many years.