Yesterday was a sad day. We lost Tinkerbell. Many of you may remember the story of the three wee doggies who were adopted together. Originally, Peter and Marina had applied to adopt Whiskey and Wiggles. Then they realized that their sister, Tinkerbell, was also looking for a home. Being the kind and wonderful people they are, they adopted all three, because they couldn’t leave Tinkerbell behind. Tinkerbell was the oldest, and she had health problems, but they welcomed her anyway. They loved her from the beginning, took care of her health needs and spoiled her rotten. Here are three photos, one of her with her brothers and the other two of her (one lapping up some peanut butter).

Here is what Marina shared with us today:

“Last night was a sad night.

Tinker Bell didn’t eat and her breathing was erratic. We rushed her to the vet and they diagnosed her with CHF. She had fluid around her heart and, despite treatment efforts, we could not allow her to suffer for every breath. She crossed over the Rainbow bridge at 2 am.

We rescued Tinkerbell in March. She was 15 and, up until today was the boss of two humans and two male Dachshunds/Chihuahua mix. She screamed like a seal whenever she wanted food or attention. If she was lucky enough to be given eggs, tuna, steak or sweet potatoes, she made sure not to share it with the boys. They also knew enough not to cross her. She was affectionately called Sybil for her many personalities and we loved each and every one of them. She was one classy broad and will be missed by many. My previous dogs, who will be waiting for her at the bridge, will certainly have their work cut out when she arrives. We didn’t have Tinker long but we loved her tons. She certainly made these past 8 months enjoyable. We have her in our hearts and we know our house won’t be the same.”

Please keep Marina, Peter, Whiskey and Wiggles in your thoughts as they mourn the loss of Tinkerbell – a very special dog.

Rest easy Tinkerbell.