Velvet (Tina)

Velvet (aka Tina) came to ElderDog last July with chronic heart failure and a need for compassionate care. Once she was stabilized, Julie and Mark stepped up and took her into their home to lovingly care for her. According to Julie, she was very stable for pretty much the entire time so did quite well until she passed away late February. In the end her decline was very fast. She had two days where she seemed a bit quieter than normal and then, over the course of two hours, suddenly her lungs just couldn’t compensate any more.

Julie shared that Velvet (Tina) “loved the winter weather and would even get the ‘zoomies’ in fresh snow when she went out in the back yard.” She was so attached to Julie and Mark that she spent almost every minute of the day next to Julie and slept on Mark’s pillow almost every night. Says Julie, “Everyone who came to visit our home fell in love with her–even people who were not ‘small dog people.’”

Velvet (Tina) had the best possible care during her illness and end of life. There is little doubt that the loving care she experienced from Julie and Mark extended her life and made each day a happy one.

Assuming the care of a dog, who will not live long, is an act of benevolent love. Our sincere condolences and heartfelt gratitude to Julie and Mark for welcoming Velvet (Tina) into your home and hearts.