2007 – November 30, 2021

I adopted Benji through ElderDog in July 2017. Benji was only 10 years old and the youngest of my family. Dear Benji loved his walks very much and it was sad when he developed mobility problems in his hips and shoulders this year. Although he had help from pain meds, he would stumble and fall daily. He wasn’t able to hold his head up, but if you got down and looked, his big eyes were bright and determined. He struggled to get up on his own which he usually did. Being able to do that made him proud and happy. During the last weeks of his life, Benji couldn’t manage to walk without help and I know from his sighs of frustration that it was hard for him to accept. The stoic-ness of dogs never ceases to impress me! Benji’s first joy was eating anything and everything so when he was diagnosed with untreatable liver cancer, it was time for him to rest. Somewhere over the rainbow we can imagine our Benji, walking and running again as he spends his days and nights with Bizoo, who he missed so much during the last year. Those two could not have been closer. We’ll always remember our brave Benji who had a strong will and a loyal heart. Benji was almost 15 when he crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday Nov. 30th. Run free and happy, Benji! We love you and will miss you forever. Marilyn, Happy, Stella