We adopted Billy in March 2023 (picked him up in Moncton in the middle of the last snowstorm of the year!). He was our first dog and, at 12 years young, we were excited to care for this little guy in his final years. Bill had lots of stuff going against him (arthritis, heart issues, resource guarding, separation anxiety) and it took a bit to get the hang of meeting his needs. He learned how to do “sit” and “down” and we eventually taught him hand signals as his hearing started to go. He learned that he could get our attention with a little grunt instead of his very loud bark, and learned that human hands coming toward him mean snuggles and treats and not anything bad. He learned how to go to daycare (though his favourite moments were when the workers would carry him around), and went on his first bike ride. He learned to be more independent, and sometimes would happily go to sleep in another room (something we couldn’t imagine in those first few months when he was on us like the most loveable glue)! This old dog was learning so many new tricks. He was the sweetest, funniest little guy. Often he would make me laugh just watching him happily waddle up the path to our home. He was gentle, and always would be coming toward you with his tail furiously wagging and his face very serious. His favourite thing in the whole world was to just be nestled on the couch between us (or held on his back like baby). He enjoyed the occasional slow stroll around the block, but he was most in his element when it was just the three of us at home. His favourite time of day was the morning (where we might get a little zoomie out of him), and getting his afternoon pills (because he knew he’d be getting the best slice of turkey with that pile of pills he took), or playing on the bed when we were all home from work. We are so thankful that his final moments were with us at home on his favourite blanket, licking up some ice cream, and getting a kiss on the head. Caring for him has been such an immense honour and I wish so much that we could give his little face another kiss. We will be thinking of him anytime we pick up a dog and hold them, and he will always remind us what a delight it is to get to come home. We love you so much Billy boy.

Nicole and Jesse