Gia Sophia

We adopted Gia Sophia in April of 2020, through ElderDog Fredericton. She was about 10 years old and for such a compact little dog, her top half was Border Collie and her legs were that of a Corgi, she never stopped. She could be irritating and loving at the same time, which is another reason she was so special. She lived every day to please us and was always very vocal when we did anything. Fast forward to Nov 20th 2023, we had to say goodbye….from cancer. We’ve never been so impacted by an animal even though she was only with us 3 years and 7 months. It’s only been just over 3 months since that day but my husband and I think of her EVERYDAY. I always thought I would have animals in my home but losing her was tough; part of me died with her. Thank you to your organization for all you do. Maybe someday a little face may appear on your FB page and we will be smitten again…but until then, we will live on our memories of our sweet Gigi

Thank you,
Bruce and Karen Ross