Happy and Stella

It was with great sadness that I had to say goodbye to both Happy (Appy) and Stella (Darcy) this year. Due to illnesses and age, their quality of life had deteriorated, no matter how stoic they were or how hard I tried. Happy and Stella were adopted through ElderDog Canada, and they loved their 2 brothers, Bizoo and Benji, who also were ElderDogs. Bizoo ran over the rainbow bridge in May 2020 and Benji followed him in November 2022. The 4 of them bonded immediately and we had great times, including the annual ElderDog Walk and the Butterfly Release. My endless thanks to Tanya for bringing us together.

Happy was a fun-loving, intelligent and energetic little guy who I absolutely loved, my soul mate, silly as that may sound to some. He lived a long, happy life with an adventurous and loving heart. Happy was curious to know all about any dogs who came to visit and he was very caring of little Stella. Happy was 17.
Rest in Peace, Happy: 22 Nov. 2005 to 25 Jan 2023.

Stella was sweet and timid but always excited to do anything with the family, even though she couldn’t see or hear. Stella loved Happy. When she came to live with us, she immediately picked Happy to be her guide dog and followed him everywhere. She would be lost without him. Stella was 16.
Rest in Peace, Stella: 18 Oct 2006 to 25 Jan 2023.

They each had health issues for which they took medication, but when they refused their most favourite foods and treats, and instead would just curl up in bed and try to sleep, I knew it was time. Taking them to the veterinarian hospital that last day was the hardest decision. I like to think that their spirits met their siblings, Benji and Bizoo, and the furry foursome are running together again, pain-free and full of joy.

Happy and Stella brought happiness and love to my life. I will always remember them with much love and many happy memories