Spike was incredibly special to me.

When we bought our little farm, he was simply the happiest dog in the world. He took his patrols of the property very seriously, and he created his own path down to a stream that created a pool.

Without him, I feel like I’ve lost an integral part of myself and I’d do anything, give anything, to see him again. But all I can do now is remember. Whenever we went through a toll booth, he would think it was a drive through, so I started bringing timbits so I could give him one at the tolls. I remember how he would bark himself right off his front feet when he got excited and running and jumping when it was time to go inside for supper right up until his final days.

There are a million memories I wish I could share, but all that to say that, as broken hearted and sorrow-filled that I am, I will love and cherish every single second I had with him.

Thank you for entrusting me with him. ElderDog changed my life by bringing this little guy into it. I am forever grateful.