Baroque has been a long-time friend of ElderDog. We first met him back in 2016, when he was four years old. His companion was considering rehoming him because he was an energetic young fellow, and she didn’t feel she could give him the exercise and stimulation he needed. We of course did not want to see them separated so Kathy J, our Dog Care Support Coordinator at the time, got busy and put together a support team for Baroque to get him out for his exercise.

He has had so many wonderful volunteers supporting him for almost eight years. We had volunteers that took him for runs, played with him, and took him for good long hikes. Everyone loved him. He was part of our family.

In 2022, Baroque and his companion Eloise were guests at our annual ElderDog Walk at DeWolf Park, NS. Eloise shared her story of the important work of ElderDog and how much it meant to her to be able to keep her beloved Baroque with her.

Last week, Eloise had to say good-bye to Baroque. This beautiful boy has now crossed over the rainbow bridge and is at peace.

All our volunteers who have supported him over the years are heartbroken. He was such a fabulous boy; very proud and majestic and always stood tall, who was truly loved by all who knew him. Gregg, one of our volunteers who supported Baroque for many years said, “6 years ago we walked 7000 steps and he was proud and tall, this week we walked 4000 steps, and he was proud and tall. What a beauty he was!”

Special thanks to Sue who was with Eloise and Baroque when he crossed the rainbow bridge.
Please keep Eloise in your thoughts as she mourns the loss of her special boy.

Run free Baroque, and know you were loved and that you will always be in our hearts.