Casper came to ElderDog in July 2019 when he was 13 years old. He faced some medical challenges but through it all he was a sweet, lovable boy full of personality. Everyone who met him fell in love with him. His ElderDog people, Marilyn and Ardra were determined to find the right person to see him through his healing process. Jane, a wonderful foster, provided a safe, loving place for him to recuperate and allow him to be his happy little self and prepare him for his future. Casper got his Christmas wish when he found his forever home in Newfoundland with George and Gary. Unfortunately, old age crept up and it was time for Casper to say goodbye, leaving a big hole in their lives.

“He was a funny little fellow who quickly took over and ruled the house. He loved to snuggle on our laps and ‘dance’ when he saw a treat. He was the boss and that was okay with us.”

Everyone who met Casper is so glad that he was so well loved at the end of his life. Rest in peace, Sweetie.