Ella Dec 16, 2009-Aug 14, 2022

I remember the day we got Ella three and a half years ago. She was so nervous. It was a Friday and by Monday she brought me her ball to play. She loved to play and still tried two weeks ago but really couldn’t. She loved life, played a lot and ate a whole lot. She pretty much ate anything we gave her. She used to sleep with me and only took up half the bed. She new what side was hers. She was family to us. I miss seeing her and taking her out. When I am on the deck, I picture her as she’s going amongst our trees here.

It is a tremendously hard decision to make when you know she is close to leaving your side but they do, in some ways, let you know and the past Friday I knew. She left us this past Sunday very peacefully. We never left her side until she was gone.

We love her so much and miss her presence here but we will see her again ….one day.