Been on two coast to coast road trips with this amazing guy. A shame we have to let them go one day. It’s a weird thing, isn’t it? We lose our pets and they’re gone, it’s over and that’s just the way it is. We learn to move forward without them. They meant so much and the thought of them just being gone is surreal and doesn’t quite feel right as if it isn’t supposed to be this way even though it always is for everyone and everything. I now have many boxes of ashes and one day they will all be buried together as a small personal statement akin to an act of defiance against that dying of their light. It’s a reminder for me that there were times that mattered more than anything with them; amazing companionship and their memories tattooed onto the skin of my mind. A small act of defiance by holding on to something which once was special, beautiful, and will continue to be, until it’s my turn to join them. One more box of love on the shelf.