The sun shone bright and warm, and smiled on Harley today. As the sun sets on this day, it also sets one last time on Harley. She has completed her final journey with her family by her side. Night will soon fall upon us and there will be a bright new star shining above us all tonight, marking her schnauzer territory as hers. We were privileged to have had her in our lives for 12 years. She remains a blessing. Her personality remains bigger than that of her 20lbs, and she almost caught a trespassing cat last night, finding strength to give a good chase. She fought through so many illnesses in her little life and always came back stronger. Unfortunately this time we could not win the battle. The mind was willing but the body could not sustain. Our hearts are broken but we are better people for having loved her. Take a moment today and give those you love a special hug. Our time here is short, make the most of it. The spark may have left her eyes, but search for the new twinkle in the sky. Give her a wink. Rest well my angel, you will always be loved and remembered. We will miss you forever.

See you at the bridge my Harley. See you at the bridge.