March 2, 2006 – March 26, 2022

Jojo came to me in November 2019. He was partially blind, deaf, had diabetes and struggled with mobility. Our first month together was rough as he learned his way around new surroundings and smells. Once he settled in he was an awesome little guy, full of personality and always up for an adventure as long as I was close by. With short daily walks his mobility improved, and we were able to go for longer walks. His favorite time of day was mealtime and he very quickly started a routine that I called his supper dance. He would jump up in the air and do a flip at the same time, then bark and look for me to make sure I saw him. He came to work with me every day and lay quietly on his bed while I worked. He was a great little buddy who is dearly missed.
Run free little Jojo and thank you for choosing me, I cherish the time we had together.