Our dear Rosie has crossed the rainbow bridge. ElderDog had been helping Rosie and Mike for several years and got to know them very well. Anyone meeting Rosie instantly recognized her as a character. A big dog in a little dog’s body, she was a true Shih-Tzu: stubborn as the day is long and fiercely loyal. She was also the essence of a personal support dog, which was one of her roles with Mike. She loved nothing more than to join him in the recliner and watch playoff hockey games. If he was coping with tough days, she was content to curl up beside him all day. She loved her walks with our volunteers – if it wasn’t raining – but, once she decided it was time to go home, a bulldozer couldn’t move her one step further. She loved rolling in snow and freshly cut grass, which turned her fur green and meant an extra trip to the bathtub. But her favourite times were the sunny summer days when the two of them went exploring around town in Mike’s motorized scooter, Rosie tucked safely between his feet. He often took her down to Africville or Point Pleasant Park, where they watched the harbour traffic and the people for hours. They lived together for over 13 years and were together at the end. Our profound sympathies go out to Mike, as well as sincere thanks to all the volunteers who helped Mike and Rosie in so many ways over the years. Rest in peace, you fierce, funny little girl.