From the time we brought her home, Mitzi was “my” dog. She fell asleep in my arms that night, and became my constant companion. Mitzi had a sweet and loving disposition, and was the most loyal dog that has ever been a part of my life. Her favourite place to be was snuggled up next to me. She was a dog that you’d be proud to call your best friend. Mitzi loved to eat, sleep and go for walks in the woods. She was the one underfoot whenever I was cooking, tail wagging, and the one to sneak up on the bed when she thought I was asleep. She was the one to look back and check to see if I was still there when we were out for walks. I loved her with my whole heart, and I know she felt the same. Mitzi was one of a kind, and the connection we shared was something very special. She had a beautiful soul and she will never be replaced in my heart.