Bear was an Elder Dog who had the great fortune of being adopted by Lin and Kevin. Quite unexpectedly, Bear had a stroke and died in Lin’s arms.

In Lin’s words: It was indeed a shock to lose Bear so soon. He was settling in so nicely, enjoying his walks in the woods and having the freedom of chasing his toys around the yard. But most of all, he was always so excited to go for truck rides with my husband Kevin. Kev always kept a pocket of treats ready for his ‘co-pilot’. Kev could hardly place his hand on the doorknob to go outdoors without Bear jumping up, wanting to join him. I believe every dog has something to teach us and, even in the short time he was with us, Bear reminded us of the importance of taking joy in every moment, in spite of past hardships. He was a grand old Boy and we’ll miss him greatly.
Lin and Kevin