Some dogs come into our lives to teach us things. Dexter was that kind of dog. Even though he was blind and had diabetes, he was still an energetic, joyful eight year old boy who loved to be mischievous. Dexter loved to go on walks with Mom, go for car rides and go to pick up the kids from school everyday. He would mischievously climb up on the furniture when no one was home and sleep on the couch even though he was not allowed to. Eight year old Eshana, his human sister, who also had diabetes liked to play doctor with him and Dexter was always very sweet and patient as he allowed her to do that. Dexter passed away August 17th and, even though his family only had him a few short months, they say he became part of the family instantly and they feel very blessed to have been the family to have adopted him. He had the most beautiful soul and gave unconditional love to everyone around him. Sweet goofy Dexter will be remembered as the amazing dog they were lucky to adopt, by Mom Christina, Dad Harneil, brother Chandan, and his sister Eshana. He will also be missed by all the people whose lives he touched on his journey to his forever home. Run free in your new journey Dexter. We miss you.